An Exclusively Planned Residential Airport & Golfing Community





The Dream

Aero Estates Chateau & Golf is an exclusively planned 3,700-unit world-class residential airpark and golfing community with 1 to 2.5-acre estate sized lots offered, designed for aviators, aircraft owners and golf enthusiasts wanting the finest amenities available.  The main attractions are the 6,500 x 100-foot paved runway with two (2) championship level – signature designed 18-hole golf courses, an 18-hole championship golf course and a world class18-hole short course. Additional amenities include an elegant private country club and a public club house with fitness center with day spa, twelve tennis & pickleball courts, resort-style pools, parks, camping area, extensive jogging, biking & obstacle course trails, attractive gated front entries and 24/7 on-site security.

We are currently seeking a lender that shares the same passion for aviation, golf, and the outdoors to develop Aero Estates Chateau & Golf – a 3,700-unit residential airpark and golfing community.  The lender will likely be someone or a group that shares the same passions and is looking for a fun, profitable and exciting project that is sustainable and legacy worthy.  The grand scale of this project will be the largest, most modern and elaborate residential airpark and golfing community in the world.  Aero Estates Chateau & Golf will provide an unforgettable lifestyle for its residents and visitors and will leave an everlasting impression on generations to come. Let’s build that dream!
The Veteran-Owned Company seeks to team with a lender who also has a passion for aviation and golf, and the vision to answer the call of aviators and aircraft owners who dream about living with their plane. Together, we will build one of the finest airpark and golfing communities in the world with stunning amenities that will take community living to the next level. 
“I have the passion to build airparks, the ambition, the drive, the focus, the constant dreams…”
Robert Huber


Aero Estates Chateau & Golf

Loan Amount Required: $300,000,000  
Total Amount Returned: $918,000,000
Interest Gained: $610,000,000
Repayment Term: 10-Years
Interest Rate: 11.83%
ROI: 206.00%
Project Gross Income: $1,186,900,000
Development & Operational Costs Phases I-V: $536,520,675
  **Lender payback period is the end of year five and the repayment term is the end of year ten, funds generated from sales will support the remaining development and operational costs.

Development Concept


Aero Estates Chateau & Golf is an exclusively planned 5,000+ acre, 3,400 residential lot and 300 townhome/condo unit airpark and golfing community designed for aviators, aircraft owners and golf enthusiasts wanting the finest amenities available.  A world-class residential airpark with runway access from residential lots, a full-services FBO/pilot lounge, business park, two (2) private championship level – signature designed 18-hole golf courses, an 18-hole championship public course along with a world-class short course. An elegant grand private country club and a public club with all the amenities you should expect, fitness center with day spa, resort style pool, splash park for kids and adults, two parks with fitness stations, camping, extensive jogging, walking, biking & obstacle course trails, gated 24/7 security and much more.  This is an opportunity that is unique, inspiring, fun, profitable and sustainable.  Yearly Property Owner’s Association (POA) assessments for residential lots and unit owners, golf course fees, social member fees, guest rental property, ballroom, rental hangars, pro shop, golf beverage carts and other POA funding streams; will provide the yearly operational and maintenance expenses to create a sustainable and thriving community for generations to come.  Aero Estates Chateau & Golf will provide an unforgettable lifestyle and it will leave an everlasting impression on generations to come.  Let’s build that dream!
Robert Huber the developer of Aero Estates Chateau & Golf, had the opportunity to develop Aero Estates Airpark (T25) with his family into a beautiful residential airport community on a limited personal budget. Since then, he has had the continued aspiration to develop and build a first-class aviation and golf community. Robert began conceptualizing Aero Estates Chateau & Golf while living in Europe and has spent many years and late nights conceptualizing, consulting, pricing, and dreaming of an opportunity to build a first-class residential aviation community. Providing other aviators and golfers alike, the opportunity to live out their dreams in an upscale residential airpark.
You may have heard that there’s nothing like being able to walk out of your back door to your hangar into your plane and taking off for an adventure. Many fantasize about the lifestyle of living in a community of like-minded and fun-minded aviators, aircraft owners and golfers. More and more pilots, aircraft owners and golfers are finally deciding to stop dreaming and to start living at airparks and golf communities across the country.


6,500 x 100 Foot Paved Lighted Runway

Foot Paved Runway

18-Hole Championship Golf Courses

Square Foot FBO/Pilot Lounge

Aero Estates Chateau & Golf’s lighted paved runway will be the gateway to the world with adjacent homes and will be the focal point for the annual fly-in event. Airpark residents will enjoy runway access from residential lots, Executive FBO/Pilot Lounge, GPS Approaches, Pilot-Controlled Lighting (PCL), Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS), Standard Instrument Departures (SID), Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System With Runway Alignment Indicator Lights (MALSR), Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPI), Airport Beacon, and FAA compliant lighted Helipads with PAPI.

FBO/Pilot Lounge

The 12,500 square foot Executive FBO/Pilot Lounge will be the place to plan your next flight, link up with your pilot or passengers, relax with fellow aviators, address any last-minute business needs, enjoy a museum of aviation articles and enjoy some refreshments. The 8,400 square foot canopy provides a covered aircraft parking area, allowing drive-up service for even the largest private aircraft. The FBO will include full-service maintenance, full and self-service fuel, an attached 33,000 square foot hangar, and a 240,000 square foot aircraft parking area; combined will be yet another aviator hangout. An opportunity exists for a lease to own FBO to provide primary support services to the general aviation community.

Country Club

An elegantly designed private country club and a public club house with fitness center with day spa, resort style pool and outdoor spaces are good for pleasure and business. With the right amenities and features, the surrounding country club location becomes a go-to destination for friends and family when they’re not in the air, playing a round of golf, tennis, pickleball, biking or enjoying the other amenities available. The private country club with front and back wrap around covered patios, will be furnished comfortably and with a touch of custom decorative accents, romance fireplaces and lighting to capture the moment. The club will be the focal point for those playing golf, tennis, pickleball, swimming, enjoy a meal or just a common place to come and meet friends to relax.

Gated Front Entrance

The modern designed guard-gated front entrances will be the vehicle entrance point for the community. Security guards will control access, enhance the safety of the residence and their assets, and provide an added level of protection for the airpark amenities. We will leverage security technology solutions to automate entry procedures for the residence, easily allow registering of guests and to monitor activity outside and within the airpark. All designed to maximize safety, protect you, your family and your property.

Signature and Championship Designed Golf Courses

Two (2) championship-level signature  designed 18-hole golf courses located on the private residential airpark and golfing subdivision, and a public 18-hole championship course along with a world-class short course. We will team with a well-known and respected golf course designer(s) to create the four course masterpieces. Some people think golf is a sport stuck in traditional ways, but it is actually constantly evolving. New and exciting courses have battled their way into the golf rankings and we’ll make every attempt to achieve the expert’s high ranking. The course layouts will focus on testing a pro golfer’s skills through a variety of doglegs, distances, and hazards through a diversification of different shots. The intent is to design each course around the ambiance, where you can sense the traditions of the game of golf. 

Resort-Style Pool


There’s nothing more refreshing than plunging into a sparkling pool on a hot day with the blue sky above. The two (2) semi-private “waterfront” tailor-designed resort-style pools will feature infinity edges, lap lanes, water features, a splash park, glamorous landscaping, cabanas, and automated cleaning and heating. The pool areas will be an extension of the country club coordinating trim details and colors, to include an outdoor kitchen for parties and gatherings.

Twelve Lighted Tennis & Pickleball Courts

Sports are great for so many different reasons. They all (well most) offer great workouts, competition, camaraderie and fun. But what sport is the best? Well tennis is, of course! Four synthetic clay lighted tennis courts will be the ideal competition venue for the competitive player or maybe take a lesson from someone to improve your game. The courts will be separated by covered sitting areas to relax between games and to enjoy time with friends.

Jogging and Hiking Trails

The extensive jogging, hiking and obstacle course trail system throughout the fly-in community will provide an outdoor sanctuary for those interested in exercising, exploring, hiking, walking or just enjoying the natural wilderness.

Inspiration of Design


Development Plan

Phase I ($238,758,475)

12-Months:  Scout Identified Properties to Develop, Conduct Due Diligence and Market/Financial Analysis, Consult with Aviation, Golf and Tennis Professionals to Finalize Designs, Team with Golf Professional Team(s) to Design/Build Golf Courses, Site Planning Survey, Team with Design-Build Contractor, Subdivision Survey and Platting, Submit Subdivision Plan to Local Planning Board, Exhibit at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Fly-In Convention, Finalize Construction Plans with the Design Team, Preliminary Subdivision Planning Approved, and Land Acquisition.
12-Months:  Construction Permits Approved, Construction Stakeout, Construction Begins (Clearing/Demo, Grading), Set Temporary Construction Office, Development and Office Equipment Purchase, Final Subdivision Approval, Grading, Wet & Dry Utilities, Begin Construction of Golf Courses, Runway, Complete Phase I Roads and Taxiways, Develop 318 Phase I Residential Lots, Begin Construction of FBO/Pilot Lounge with Hangar, Country Clubs, Fitness Centers and Gated Front Entrance, Five Commercial Hangar/Building Sites, Exhibit at SUN’nFUN Aviation ExpoPGA Merchandise ShowNational Golf Expo, NBAA Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) and at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Fly-In Convention, Phase I Roads and Taxiways Completed, Runway and Aircraft Parking Area Completed.
**Investor payback period is in year five and the return on investment at the end of year ten, funds generated from sales will support the remaining development and operational costs.


Phase II ($144,876,000)

12-Months:  Begin Construction on 160 Hangars, Complete Phase II Roads and Taxiways, Develop 416 Phase II Lots, FBO/Pilot Lounge and Gated Front Entrance Completed, Airport Beacon/AWOS/VASI Installed, Aviation Self-Serve Fuel Systems Installed, Runway and Phase II Taxiway Lighting Completed, Begin Construction of Tennis and Pickleball Courts, Park, Camping Grounds and Jogging/Walking Trails, FAA Airport/Runway Approval, Begin Full and Half-Page Magazine Advertisements for Top Aviation, Golf and Other Best Selling Magazines, Exhibit at the SUN’n FUN Aviation Expo, Denver Golf ShowParis Air ShowChicago Golf Show, NBAA Aviation Convention & Exhibition and EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Fly-In Convention, Construction Completed on the Country Clubs, Maintenance Facilities, Fitness Clubs, Tennis & Pickleball Courts and the Resort-Style Pools, Host our Open House and Host our First Scheduled Airpark Fly-In Event.


Phase III ($64,941,950)

12-Months:  Complete Phase III Roads and Taxiways, Develop 534 Phase III Lots, Four Golf Courses Completed, Park/Camping Grounds and Jogging/Walking Trails Completed, Exhibit at the SUN’n FUN Aviation Expo, LA Golf ShowAthens Flying Week Air Show, National Golf Expo, International Golf Event, NBAA Aviation Convention & Exhibition and at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Fly-In Convention, Final Development Items Inspected and Completed.


Phase IV ($38,162,300)

2-Years:  Complete Phase IV Roads and Taxiways, Develop 925 Phase IV Lots, Transition Airpark Management to the Property Owner’s Association, Exhibit yearly at the SUN’n FUN Aviation Expo, LA Golf Show, PGA Merchandise Show, National Golf Expo, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Fly-In Convention, NBAA Aviation Convention & Exhibition, and Exhibit at Singapore Air Show and Dubai Air Show International Events.


Phase V ($49,781,950)

4-Years:  Complete Phase IV Roads and Taxiways, Develop 1,600 Phase V Lots, Exhibit yearly at the SUN’n FUN Aviation Expo, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Fly-In Convention, NBAA Aviation Convention & Exhibition, 4-6 International Aviation and Golf Events.


Marketing Plan

Our marketing plan focuses on strategically placed magazine advertisements and attending selected domestic and international aviation and golf trade shows 7-times a year. Internet and social media marketing (YouTube channel, Vlogs, etc.) remains our core focus for driving potential customers to our website to attract buyers to meet our sales goals. Our sales team will be comprised of the Director of Sales & Marketing, two Sales Managers, the Developer and Managing Director. We will explore options to advertise and develop sales in not only domestically, but in Canada, Europe, Asia and South America. We will accomplish this through the following means:


  • Advertising budget is $18M over ten years
  • Online website and social media platform presence will attract buyers and provide valuable data about our customers
  • Exhibit at three (3) U.S. national air shows and exhibitions promoting the residential airpark (AirVenture Oshkosh, SUN ‘n FUN EXPO, NBAA Aviation Convention & Exhibition , etc.) and one international air show per year (i.e. Paris Airshow, Athens Flying Week, The ILA Berlin Air Show, etc.) with a combined audience of over one million per year
  • Exhibit at three (3) U.S. national golf expos and shows promoting the residential airpark (National Golf Expo, Chicago Golf Show, LA Golf Show, PGA Merchandise Show, etc.) with a combined audience of over one million per year
  • Placement of advertisements in nationally recognized magazine publications:  Flying Magazine 10 times a year (192,000 circulation, 466,000 total reach), Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Pilot Magazine 5-6 times a year (495,000 Reach based on circulations and distribution to airports/FBOs and aviation events), Golf Magazine and Golf Digest 5-6 times a year (3,000,000 circulation combined), Forbes, Money, Wired, Esquire, GQ, Maxim, Details, Traveler, Outside, etc.
  • Enlisting services that will keep the website at the top of key internet search engines
  • Link exchange with private pilot and golf enthusiast-oriented websites
  • Increasing advertising and special promotions to coincide with seasonality peaks
  • Explore options to generate sales abroad and stay within budget
Sales Plan
Year 1-2: 319 Lots at $71,730,000
Year 3: 416 Lots/Units/Commercial Pads/Hangars at $122,600,000
Year 4: 534 Lots/Units/Sites/Hangars at $180,350,000
Year 5-6: 925 Lots/Units/Hangars at $313,275,000
Year 7-8: 850 Lots/Hangars at $274,525,000
Year 9-10: 750 Lots at $224,600,000
Total:  $1,187,080,000

Lender Funding Structure

Year 1:  $57,000,000
Year 2:  $182,000,000
Year 3:  $61,000,000
Total Funding:  $300,000,000

Loan Repayment Structure

Year 3:  $103,000,000
Year 4:  $115,000,000
Year 5:  $136,000,000 – Payback Period
Year 6:  $138,000,000
Year 7:  $108,000,000
Year 8:  $107,000,000
Year 9:  $105,000,000
Year 10:  $106,000,000 – Maturity Date
Total Repayment:  $918,000,000

Exploratory Pilot Project

An Exploratory Pilot Project proposed for 1-Year has been designed that outlines milestones to conduct site selection, site planning surveys, due diligence, FAA consensus, market feasibility survey, team with design-build firm and professional golf designer(s) to finalize the conceptual subdivision master plan, design documents and development plans, explore rezoning/variance/exceptions as required, finalize CC&Rs, POA establishment documents, etc.  The end state goal is to obtain fifty (50) Intent to Purchase Real Estate Contracts for Phase I at four (4) airshow and golf trade shows, receive initial consensus for development of Aero Estates Chateau & Golf and move towards a preliminary subdivision planning approval.
1-Year Pilot Project:  $2,998,000.00

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About the Management


Robert E. Huber, PMP – Developer

Robert previously owned and developed Aero Estates Airpark (T25) from 2002 to 2012. Aero Estates is a successful residential airport community located on 120-acres along Lake Palestine in East Texas. Aero Estates has a 3,100 x 60-foot Bermuda grass runway, taxiways from all lots, pilot-controlled lighting, heliport, float plane dock, visual approach slope indicator (VASI) and a four-acre lakefront common area.

Robert’s family founded a company to provide aviation enthusiasts with a pilot-friendly community in a shared interest residential environment. Robert was responsible for property development, directing daily operations, future expansion plans, and marketing. It was a great opportunity and time to conceptualize and develop the property with his father George and stepmother Maud. They built a beautiful airpark on a shoestring budget, based on hard work, determination, perseverance and a lot of learning along the way. Of course, they made mistakes, and then quickly learned from them. They also learned how important it is to work closely with the Property Owner’s Association on many issues that affected the community as a whole. They had numerous fly-ins and brought in the surrounding community from around the airpark to get them better antiquated with the neighborhood. Residents enjoy afternoons and evenings on the lakefront paired with gatherings, boating, water sports, and watching float planes come in and out.

Robert developed and sold 167 residential airpark lots at Aero Estates. He attended numerous airshows like EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Fly-in Convention in Wisconsin and the Sun-n-Fun Expo in Florida as an exhibitor to get exposure and successfully generated business. Robert routinely placed advertisements in magazines, sent brochures from purchased mailing lists, sent monthly emails to potential clients and provided personal tours of the airpark. In 2005, Robert bought his father and stepmother out of the business and then sold the remaining few acres of property in late 2012.

Robert received a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida in 1997. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), who holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings, and a combat veteran with multiple tours. He is currently a Program Manager supporting international and domestic project initiatives that span the fields of Intelligence, Biometrics, and Identity Management. Robert has a successful track-record in land development, residential airpark operations, program management, problem solving, sales, and training. Robert began conceptualizing Aero Estates Chateau & Golf while living in Europe and has spent many years and late nights conceptualizing, consulting, pricing, and dreaming of an opportunity to build a first-class residential aviation and golf community.

Jay S. Porter, CCM – Managing Director

Jay has been in the golf and country club business for more than 30-years and has managed some of the most prominent clubs in the World. Jay’s resume includes 7-years as General Manager at Merion Golf Club currently ranked by Golf Magazine at #12 in the World and #6 in the USA. Merion is the site where a young Bobby Jones closed out the Grand Slam in 1930 and Ben Hogan won the 1950 U.S. Open only a year after nearly perishing in a horrific car accident. Merion has hosted more U.S.G.A. Championships than any other club.

Most recently, Jay took over as General Manager at Lanhai International Golf Club outside of Shanghai, China. Lanhai had recently been acquired by the PingAn Group, the wealthiest insurance company in the world and whose Chairman has a passion for the game of golf. Among other improvements, Jay worked with OCCM, Tour Pro Geoff Ogilvy’s team to fully renovate one of the two courses on property. The renovation drew high praise from the dozen Golf Magazine panelists who visited and played the new course. Jay has also worked with Nicklaus Design, Fazio Design and Arthur Hills.




Robert Huber


Jay Porter

Managing Director