Development Concept

Aero Estates Executive Airpark is an exclusively planned 1,504-unit residential airpark and golfing community in Florida with 0.65 to 1.5-acre estate-sized residential lots, which include runway, golf course, and country club access.  We have identified three potential development sites in Florida that meet the required 3,000-acre footprint: 1) Northern Florida, just west of St. Augustine on the East Coast, 2) Northwest of Vero Beach on the East Coast, 3) Southern Florida, East of Naples on the West Coast.  Aero Estates Development Group is currently exploring several potential development sites for follow-on projects in the United States. The developer’s strategic vision is to build multiple themed airparks and golf communities over the next 15-20 years.  All airparks revolve around shared passions of aviation, a high-quality lifestyle, golf, and the outdoors.  Providing aviators, aircraft owners, golf, and outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to share amenities and resources at discounted rates.  Additional locations could offer seasonal sports and activities (snow skiing, boating, equestrianism, arts and crafts, etc.).  The Northwestern United States would be an ideal location for winter sports, vast outdoor activities, hunting, or themed development.  We can easily plan and execute larger developments as we have also planned the Aero Estates National Airpark & Country Club to be built in Montana in the near future.

In 10-15 years, we envision developing future land and airpark communities as well as skyport infrastructure (business centers, shopping malls, rooftop launchpads, etc.) as flying vehicles, aerial ridesharing, skyports, and space travel bring new opportunities in the not-too-distant future.  Residential airparks have similar qualities that future skyports may provide.  They can essentially link all forms of urban transportation, make our communities an integral component of the transportation evolution, decrease traffic congestion, enhance the quality of life, and provide greater access to global markets.

We currently seek funding through a partner(s) that shares our passions for aviation, golf, and the outdoors to develop Aero Estates Executive Airpark.  The ideal partner will be an individual or group who is energized by our innovative, profitable, sustainable, and legacy-worthy project.  The development of Aero Estates Executive Airpark requires a $318 million investment across a 4-year funding structure.  The scale of this project will result in the most modern and elaborate airpark and golfing communities in the world.  Yearly Property Owners Association (POA) and membership fees for residents, social members, non-resident golf course fees, guest rental property, hangar rentals, and other funding streams; will support annual operating and maintenance expenses to create a sustainable and thriving community for generations to come.

The five-phased development, marketing, and sales campaign will be managed by Aero Estates Development Group over the course of 11-years.  We will break ground at the beginning of Year 3 and a large majority of the development will be completed in the 3rd quarter of Year 4.  The POA will assume ownership of the community common grounds in Year 5, and we will sell the remaining lots in Years 5 (Phase III) through Year 11 (Phase V).  The development will encompass 3,000+ acres with 1,504 units including 1,284 estate-sized residential lots ranging in size from 0.65 to 1.5-acres starting at $395,000 (USD), 60 townhomes, and 60 condo units starting at $725,000.  The Aviation Business Park will host 30 commercial pad buildable sites ranging from 0.75 to 3-acres that start at $950,000, and 70 aircraft hangar units (10 of which are rental units) start at $325,000.  The year-over-year property value growth is 5% on average.  This type of close-knit community living is particularly appealing to business owners, aviators, aircraft owners, golf and outdoor enthusiasts, retirees, and families – as they are surrounded by other, like-minded individuals.

The project development and corporate team will consist of corporate staff, development team members, and expert consultants to ensure safe and high-quality design and construction.  There are many moving pieces in the development of this property including locating a development site, coordinating multiple design efforts, receiving development planning approval, coordinating construction plans and executing the project that will require a full team effort to be successful.  Once initial designs, renderings, and cost projections are complete, we will update our detailed task list that will shape the multifaceted development.  Our Action Plan will navigate us through a complex process to meet schedule and budget milestones.